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Rules for single guys

Play by the rules at the swingers club

The O Zone is primarily a couples only club, with single males only permitted on special nights. Every Friday (excluding Girls Night or unless otherwise stated) we will allow a limited number of select single males to attend the swingers club. If you are a single male attending on one of these nights please remember: the O Zone is a private lifestyle club, not a brothel! So, be respectful.

As a single male, you play an important role for some couples in the lifestyle. Many of our members at the swingers club enjoy the company of a respectful gentleman and that may be one reason why they attend O Zone on singles nights.  Respect is the key to everyone having a good time, so never assume that anyone wants to have sexual contact with you.
Men are asked to abide by these rules when attending the swingers club

If at any time you break ANY of the rules, you will be escorted out of the swingers club and be banned from returning. NO REFUNDS, NO SECOND CHANCES.

Remember, it is a privilege for single gentlemen to be invited to a lifestyle club.  Treat it as such.