Birthday Bash at The O Zone

Once a Month we Celebrate your Astrological Sign with a Special Birthday Bash at The O Zone!

Come and celebrate your Birthday at The O Zone for FREE.... Bring your Friends!

Upcoming Birthdays:

Scorpio - November 16th
Sagittarius - December 14th
Capricorn - January 11th

Sexy Sagittarius - December 14th

If you were born between November 22 and December 21, we invite you to party at The O Zone on December 14th.

Entry to The O Zone for you and your partner will be FREE of charge (ID Required)

We invite you to celebrate your birthday in The Zone for a Night you will never forget.

The O Zone… Where The (Birthday) Party Is At !


SAGITTARIUS WOMEN: You like the outdoors - freaking out if you are in a tent, camper, or on the beach. You enjoy sex, but you don't like to prolong the preliminaries and want to start the main show as soon as possible. Like to tease your partner to the point of losing control. You don't mind if your partner comes too quickly - you are a generous and accepting lover. Best sex mates: Leo, Libra, and Aquarius. Your sexual wardrobe will consist of accessories - gloves and shoes!

SAGITTARIUS MEN: Sex is rarely an intense experience with him - he often comes too quickly, but he'll be the first to try a new position. He is the master of erotic massage - both oral and manual. His tongue can be a wicked instrument and when combined with his lips, creates an explosive effect! Erogenous zones: hips and thighs. And he likes to look at a woman's calves and thighs, and likes to have sex with a woman in stockings.

Behind closed doors, you have a very adventurous and fulfilling sex life, mainly thanks to your ability to dissociate sex and emotion, which is very rare amongst women. For you, a night of passion with a sexy stranger can remain just that, you do not wake up in the morning dreaming of marriage, or spend days analysing the encounter from every angle. Your spontaneity and frank enjoyment of sex give you a dazzling appeal.

You secret taste for adventure feeds your sexual energy and you see your sex life as an exciting journey, you never know what is around the next bend in the road! Your partners love your enthusiasm and your encounters are normally a success. Your relish at discovering new things means you are rarely shocked and are open to all kinds of sexual adventure.

The common thread running through most of your fantasies is play. Above all, you like to have fun and your partner has learnt to recognise the sparkle in your eye when you have a new idea... your lucky lover knows that you will try anything that they can think up too!

This sign is playful and childlike, and as a lover they will always be creative. They stay young at heart, so they are very open-minded when it comes to experiments in bed. Their split personality means that they can be wildly passionate about someone for a while, then all of a sudden get the urge to move on to other adventures.

They do not have much staying power in a relationship. If all you are looking for is a fun fling, this could be the zodiac sign which is the best lover for you.

To seduce Sagittarius, focus on the waist, hip and upper leg area, where they love to be touched. Also show a light hearted approach to life and a great sense of humor, both of which they love.