Why you should check out Newbie Night at The O Zone

If you are new to the lifestyle, curious about what The O Zone has to offer, or have never been to a swingers club before, Newbie Night is the perfect time to plan your first visit.

On the last Friday of every month, The O Zone hosts Newbie Night – a night where you can check things out, ask questions, and see what we have to offer.

Why check out Newbie Night?

If you and your partner have ever been curious about the swinger’s lifestyle, Newbie Night is for you. Here are some reasons why you should check out the club:

  • You can take a tour of the swingers club before it opens
  • You can attend a brief information sessions
  • Dispel misconceptions about swingers clubs in Toronto
  • Ask as many questions you want about The O Zone and how it works
  • Ask about club rules and dress code
  • Get information about swingers club membership
  • Stay and see what the club is all about – no pressure, just explore at your own pace

You will find that the club is way better than you expected. Explore with your partner, set your own rules and turn your sexual desires into a reality.

Have Questions? Give us a Call!

If you are planning checking out the club and have questions before you arrive, give us a call. Or, check out the Newbie Night Swingers page for more information.