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Hot Deals on Admission at The O Zone!


We understand that money is tight these days, and are trying to make the events at The O Zone as accessible as possible, offering discounted admission at regular events for existing couple members arriving before 10pm on both Friday and Saturday nights. For a limited time, our Friday B410 admission is free, but this offer will expire at some point, so take advantage of it while you can!

Have you heard about DP Fridays? In this case, DP = Double Play. While you are at the O Zone on Friday night, pre-pay only $20/couple before you leave, and your admission to return the next evening is covered! Combine that with the B410 FREE admission on Friday night, and you can get in both nights for only $20!! What a deal!

At The O Zone, we cater to open minded and adventurous, committed couples, and we hope that by offering these and other seasonal, themed or event-specific discounts we will see you in The Zone, very soon!

They Got Hitched at The O Zone!!

The themes and parties at The O Zone just keep getting bigger and better!! Recently, we had a wedding!!! The Bride and Groom are friends of the owners and asked if they had ever had a wedding at The O Zone, considering all the other events they have hosted over the years.
Of course, we rose to the occasion and decked out reception, the bar and dance floor, as well as their own little corner for their reception.
Being an unconventional wedding already, we used the brides favorite color to accent the decor and bits of red were seen throughout the club. The ceremony was performed on the dance floor, complete with an officiant, best man and maid of honor!
Another friend of the happy couple put together a naughty cake topper using 2 Barbie couples, and created gifts of chocolates and bubbles for all the guests.

There was a first dance and throwing of the garter and bouquet… all the things that are usually done at traditional weddings…. but with a twist, seeing as it was hosted in a Swingers Club!
Many couples came to see the wedding at 10pm and stayed to party and celebrate with the happy couple late into the evening, and fun was had by all! The overall theme for the evening was Sequins & Lace, considering not all attendees to the club that night were there for the nuptials. But the wedding really added a bit of glitter and glam to an already glitzy event.
At The O Zone, we are always ready to help get the party started, and this was no exception!

The 12 Swingers Tips of Christmas


To get into the holiday spirit, we thought we would add some holiday cheer to our blog posts this month. Visiting the swingers club and engaging in the swingers lifestyle is one of the best ways to explore your desires – if you do things the right way.

It is often your approach to the lifestyle that impact what you get out of it. This is why we have put together a number of great tips to consider in order to maximize your experience to make it as fulfilling as possible.

Without further ado, here are the 12 swinger’s tips of Christmas:

  1. Make swinging about a couples thing, not a you thing
  2. Have fun with it, let loose, and explore your desires
  3. Be upfront and honest about your desires and what you want to get out of the lifestyle
  4. Always be attentive to your partners desires and needs – it will benefit you both
  5. Listen to your partner. Have an open dialogue about the lifestyle
  6. Be welcoming of newbies and show them the ropes, and the dance floor!
  7. Respect other couples and others will respect your wishes
  8. Approach the swinging lifestyle the right way with the right perspective
  9. Share the fun and make sure your partner is taken care of
  10. Make a night at the swingers club a night to remember
  11. Engage other couples and make it a point to meet new people each time you go to the swingers club
  12. Make 2015 the year you try swinging is you are a newbie interested in the lifestyle

Follow these tips and you will absolutely have a great time meeting new couples at the swingers club and enjoying all the swinger lifestyle has to offer.

Happy Holidays from everyone at The O Zone Swingers Club!