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No, I’m not talking about Hedo North, although I’d like to schedule a vacation at the resort and who knows…maybe write a book about it!  Writing Banging in the New Year-Swingers O Zone Bash was almost as much fun as playing at the club that night.

There’s been a lot of talk lately about shaving versus going for a more natural look in women’s grooming of the pussy. I’m not sure if this was sparked by Cameron Diaz’s comment in her book, The Body Book: The Law of Hunger, The Science of Strength and Other Ways to Love your Amazing Body,

“Your pubic hair is a mysterious, confusing, pretty, furry door (more like a beaded curtain?) to your vagina, and you should never remove it because one day someone’s going to want to get in there and they’ll probably enjoy their stay more if they have to hunt around for the entrance, like they’re entering a genital speakeasy.”

In my research of this hairy issue, I came across an article where Gwyneth Paltrow, on the Ellen show talks about last minute shaving in order to wear a dress for the Premier of Iron Man. She said she went from feeling beautiful to feeling humiliated. This led to comments about candid photos on the internet of Demi Moore’s forest. I know Hollywood tends to set the standard in terms of beauty trends, and it isn’t surprising that even the Guardian (January 14 2014) had an article on this that’s been shared 34,000 times on Facebook as well as Tweeted about over 700 times.

I know you’re going to do a Google search to see Demi Moore’s Genital Triangle (not be confused with the Bermuda one) and if you’re like me, you’ll almost experience whiplash when you see it. The first thought that popped into my head was Larry David in Curb Your Enthusiasm. There was a whole hilarious episode where he and Cheryl had oral sex and one of her pubic hairs got caught in his throat and clung to the inside of his esophagus over the entire episode.

Okay, so what about us—the people who live sexy? Do we buck the trend that started in the 90’s, which many people feel was sparked by the porn industry? For most people in their twenties, a smooth, bald playground is the norm—they can’t conceive of anything but that. Privates are private and it’s a personal preference decision for women, providing you’re not a Hollywood actress. But for some of us, the pubes make an appearance in the public forum at Lifestyle events.

What is the sexiest grooming for the secret garden—full bush, landing strip, Brazilian or completely nude? Of course in trying to find the answer to this question, once more I turned to the internet. (What did people do before the internet? I’m sure this particular answer could not be found in the encyclopedia Britannica.) In my readings, most guys tended to answer that some trimming of the lawn is preferable. Many felt that complete hairlessness was not the best presentation but neither did they want to run their fingers through long, thick hair, unless it was on a woman’s head.

And what about men’s grooming downstairs? Once more, moderation seemed to be the key. Baldness around the penis may make a guy’s dick look bigger but the pre-pubescent base was not a turn-on for women. Rather short, trimmed hair seemed to be favored.

All of this reading caused me to consider the erotica which I write. There is never any description of hairy genitals, only slick, fully aroused labia lips, parted to reveal the little lady in the boat seeking immediate attention. Maybe it’s time that I gave aviation travel some attention by providing a landing strip. And guys’ missile launcher? Should I mention the neatly trimmed base and tank (testicles?) instead of concentrating on the thick, hard shaft? Let me tell you it’s erm…difficult not to. But I need to keep up with the times and the Guardian.

My personal opinion in this matter is that it will be a long time before we see the majority of women in the Lifestyle sporting the au natural look. Trimmed yes, but full unadorned garden, ala Demi Moore’s photo taken early in her career, not so much.

One thing that I do not agree with in the quest to be smooth and hairless is undergoing permanent solutions like laser hair removal. There may come a time that a woman could regret that decision. I’m a fan of moderation and choice.

Whether a woman’s mons is full bush, trimmed or contains just a strip of fluff, my preference is a smooth labia where the hottest sexual action is happening. Speaking from bi-sexual experience, I don’t want to do the ‘Larry David, pubic hair in the throat hacking’ and I am very visual. I like to see what I’m so apt to describe in my books—the slick, fully aroused pussy lips before I attend to the little woman in the boat with my tongue. And slipping my fingers into a slippery vagina…Let’s just say, hair pulling should only happen in BDSM.

What’s your opinion? Bald eagles or wooly mammoths?



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