Mia Moore Guest Post: Ice Cream, Ebooks, and News Years at The O Zone

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It started January 1, 2014. That was the day, driving home in the car from Toronto; the idea of a novel featuring a New Year’s Eve at the O Zone took shape. I was still high on the experience I’d had there the night before, which became the wee hours of the present day.

What a great place for the characters of my most popular novel to visit!

I was on fire and wound the book up in three short weeks!  ‘Banging in the New Year, Swingers O Zone Bash was barely published as an E-book, when I decided to contact Matt and Amanda and send them a copy. Now, almost 12 months and many ‘Lifestyle’ books later, I’m still excited about New Year’s at the O Zone! I’m planning to party once more with my husband and dear friends. Can’t wait!

Sometimes I think of sex like it’s a flavor of ice cream. I actually did some research on the most popular ice cream flavours.  (Coming up with blog ideas is sometimes difficult, so cut me some slack, will ya.)

  • Vanilla: Surprisingly, Vanilla is the all-time favourite, with 29% of people weighing in.  Just like regular monogamous sex between a man and woman, by far the most prevalent type, the preference for vanilla, is a reflection of that.
  • Chocolate: It’s the next favourite- 8.9%. For me, this would be like BDSM kink, very strong and dark, to be sampled in small doses. Don’t ask Jian Ghomeshi for his opinion on this one.
  • Butter Pecan: A favourite of 5.3% of people. I’m trying to find a sexual style to compare this flavor with and I’m drawing a blank, even though I like the taste.
  • Strawberry: Yummy! Preferred by 5.3% of people sampled in the article I read, it’s a flavor I equate with swinging. It’s fresh, like the berries in June! The sweetness is like vanilla but the delicious, red berry casts the sweetness in a tantalizing and enticing way—the same way a couple’s sex life is enhanced in the Lifestyle!.
  • Chocolate Chip: Mostly vanilla sex, but dabbles in dungeons.
  • French vanilla: 3.8%. What’s the population in the province of Quebec?
  • Cookies ‘n Cream: If you get your cookies off, the result is lots of cream.
  • Cherry: Lost mine long time ago. It was sweet but tart at the time. I’ve graduated to another red flavor, strawberry.
  • Rocky Road: I’ve seen this flavor in action. It’s what happens when a couple goes to a club and they’re not on the same page in their relationship. It’s a rocky road home that night. Always check in with each other before pushing boundaries.

Enough talk of ice cream! My ass gets bigger just thinking of it. Which makes me think of body image…This is a huge factor for people thinking of getting into the Lifestyle. Let’s face it, not everyone looks like Jennifer Lopez or Brad Pitt- thank God! Wouldn’t the world be boring if we did?

It’s all about attitude, baby! People will notice your smile, your confidence strutting an extra few pounds in your caboose before they’ll notice anything else. Well, maybe the valley of cleavage between the mounds of a generous bust line, if they’re anything like my hubby-doo. But I’ve seen him get quite the chubby watching confident, body-generous women, work it. As for me, a guy’s eyes, his sense of humor (Okay, I’ve been accused of being Jessica Rabbit!) and smile warm me up more than a six pack set of abs.

The French have a great saying – ‘Bien dans sa peau’- being comfortable in your skin (a lot of guys have told me they’d be comfortable in my skin LOL)! It’s a feat of confidence that makes you happy, while at the same time, speaks volumes in terms of exuding pure, unadulterated, sexiness.

What’s more, Yves Ste Laurent, the ultra cosmetic and perfume guru, once said “The most beautiful makeup of a woman is passion.” If you don’t believe me, believe Yves.

Passion and fun are what I know I’ll get at the O Zone on New Year’s Eve. I hope to see you there. Bring the strawberry ice cream.