Why Swingers Clubs are no Longer Taboo in Toronto

Much like many other alternative lifestyles, swinging is no longer a taboo topic that is only discussed in private. In fact, it is increasingly becoming more main stream, and the fact that many swingers clubs are popping up across the GTA is proof of this.

Swinging is nothing new. It has been around for years. However, rather than swingers parties being held in private, they are now out in the open in clubs and in the public eye.

So, why are swingers clubs becoming more popular?

“I think the major thing that has changed over the years is that society has become more liberal with sexuality in general. Look at what they show on television today compared to 30 years ago. This change in view has also been applied to other areas – namely swinging,” says Mandy Tabota, owner of The O Zone Swingers Club

People are also more accepting of the lifestyle because they have been able to get over the mis-information about the lifestyle and see it for what it really is. “Swinging is about couples together exploring their sexual desires,” says Tabota. “It is completely consensual and it occurs in a controlled environment.”

Many people have a misconception that swinging is male dominated, but the truth is that women are just as much a part of the lifestyle. The lifestyle is also reflective of society in general. “We have couples at our club from all age ranges, races, and nationalities,” says Tabota.

Tabota goes on to add, “We have create a safe environment where couples can come and enjoy themselves and explore their sexuality without be judged. Couples can explore their sexuality at their own pace, and do as little or as much as they want. We have a strict “No means no” policy and we take it very seriously.”

Exploring your sexuality desires is nothing to be ashamed about and the swinger’s lifestyles is one of the many fun and exciting ways that you can try new things with your partner. You might love it; you might not, but if you have been thinking about it, why not give it a try?

Interested in exploring the lifestyle?

Here are some tips if you are interested in getting involves in the lifestyle and exploring your sexual desires with your partner:

  • Talk to your partner and make sure you are both onboard with the idea
  • Do some research and read up about what the lifestyle is all about
  • Visit the club on Newbie Night to see what a swingers club is all about – If you like what you see, give it a try
  • Explore at your own pace – It is perfectly normal for you to be a passive observer the first couple times you visit
  • Always be attentive to your partner’s needs – set boundaries and stick to them

Author Bio

Mandy Tabota is part owner of The O Zone, One of Toronto’s largest on premise couples clubs. If you are interested in seeing what the lifestyle is all about, Mandy urges people to come for Newbie Night at The O Zone on the last Friday of every month to take a tour of the club and learn about the lifestyle.