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Admission Prices, Deals and Platinum Membership at The O Zone

A wallet with money sticking out, squeezed in a vise.

Wallet being squeezed in a vise.

Has inflation got you down? We understand that the rising costs of living are putting the squeeze on your wallet. That’s why The O Zone has created some admission deals to help reduce that squeeze. But first, let’s break down the fees.

Friday Night Admission

Couples – $40/couple – this includes Membership on your first visit
For Member Couples arriving before 10 pm – $20/couple
Single Ladies (Unicorns) – $10/unicorn
Select Single Gents – $60/gents – arrive before 11 pm – we only allow a small number of single guys to attend Friday evenings in an effort to keep the male/female ratio at a comfortable level for our member couples

Sat Night Admission

Couples – $60/couple – this includes Membership on your first visit
For Member Couples arriving before 10 pm – $40/couple
Single Ladies (Unicorns) – $10/unicorn
Single Gents – NA – we do not allow single men on Saturday evenings

SUPER & MEGA Parties

Approximately once a month, The O Zone hosts an Over the Top party.

SUPER Parties are $80/couple and $40/unicorns with no discount offered on these nights. SUPER Parties include Mardi Pardi and Monster Bash. New Year’s Eve has its own special pricing.

MEGA Parties are $60/couple and $30/unicorns with no discount offered on these nights. MEGA parties include Toga, Valentine’s, Easter, and Canada Day to name a few.

Sorry guys, Single Gents are not allowed at SUPER and MEGA Parties.

Hot Deals

There are 3 main Hot Deals at the time of this publication. Arrive on time and mention it at the front desk to be sure you get the best price!

Member Couples Arriving Before 10 pm: (previously referred to as 10B410)
Friday = $20/couple
Saturday = $40/couple
Sorry, no discount for singles

DP Party Pass

“Double Play” means you get both nights for the price of one! The only requirement is that you tell us on Friday night before you leave that you’ll be returning on Saturday night. We’ll put your name on the list, and your Saturday admission is covered! If you arrive on Friday night before 10 pm and pay only $20/couple, that means BOTH nights are just $20! What a deal!! In the case of a 3-day long weekend, all 3 parties for the price of your first evening.

Banner Ad describing Double Play Party Pass at The O Zone

Details about DP Party Pass.

Birthday Bash

Every month we host an Astrological Sign by inviting all members celebrating a birthday that month to attend the Birthday party for free! The only requirement is that members flash their ID to prove their birth date, and the couple gets in for FREE!! Check here for upcoming dates!

Platinum Membership

While we’re talking about admission and deals, here’s an opportunity to save if you’re a Frequent Flyer at The O Zone. Members can purchase a Platinum Membership for 2, 6 or 12 months, which includes admission to all events (excluding NYE). Talk to the staff at the front desk about rates.
Occasionally, The O Zone offers Platinum Membership specials, such as $69 for 2 months. These are only available to purchase while at specific events only, so watch Social Media for details!

So there you have it: a break down of admission fees, membership, and some Hot Deals to reduce the stress on your finances! We’ll see you at The O Zone!

Benefits of Being a Member of the O Zone Swingers Club

One of the most beneficial aspects of the O Zone swingers club is that it is members only club. What does this mean?

This means that when you become a member of the O Zone you will have access to all that the club has to offer:

  • Access to all events and theme nights
  • Access to special offers such as swinger getaways
  • Become part of a O Zone community
  • Get to know the people at the club
  • The best atmosphere for open minded individuals looking to explore

Another beneficial aspect of the swingers club being members only is that each and every member that is part of the club has gone through the membership sign up process. This means no random people off the street and a club full of people that are like minded and there for the right reasons.

This is why the atmosphere at the O Zone swinger club in Toronto cannot be duplicated. We make it a point to make sure that everyone at the club are good people. When you have good people, you will have a great atmosphere, allowing people to have fun and explore at their own pace. The club is completely pressure free and couples can have fun with who they want, when they want.

Get a Platinum Memberships at the Swingers Club

Platinum memberships are also available to couples, giving you full VIP access to the club without paying each night at the door. Please contact us for more information on our 1 year platinum membership.

For More Information

Want to experience everything that The O Zone has to offer? Check out The O Zone website and join us for one of our themed nights. It will be a night you won’t soon forget!