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Interesting Facts – Swinging and Toronto Swingers Clubs

Swingers clubs and the alternative lifestyle that is associated with swinging is no longer a taboo topic. It is something that is grabbing the attention of couples across Toronto and around the world. To help you learn more about the lifestyle, we have put together some interesting facts and information about swinging and swingers clubs in Toronto.

Interesting Facts about Toronto Swingers Clubs

If you are not sure about what to expect when you go to a swingers club in Toronto for the first time, the following interesting facts and information will help you understand what will be in store for you:

  • Swingers clubs are 100% legal
  • Swingers are not sex maniacs – they are just looking to experience something new and exciting
  • Swingers don’t just sleep with anyone, and it doesn’t necessarily mean they are into kinky sex or fetishes
  • Attendance at swingers clubs and swinging in general is becoming more popular and more socially acceptable
  • The most popular age range for swingers is people between 30 -40, but there are swingers in all age ranges
  • Club rules are enforced to create a pressure free atmosphere for everyone to explore at their own pace
  • Swingers clubs have a lot to offer. While they have a night club atmosphere, they also have fully stocked bars, lounge areas, themed rooms, private rooms and just about anything else you could imagine would be in a swingers club in Toronto
  • Many Toronto Swingers Clubs, like the O Zone, hold newbie nights that are designed to provide you with information about swinging and answer your questions about the club and lifestyle.

With so many misconceptions out there about swingers clubs in Toronto it can be difficult to tell fact from fiction.