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What Type of Swinger are you? Taking a Look at the Different Types of Swingers

One thing that people often do not realize about the swingers lifestyle is that there are a number of different types of swingers. This is something important to note when you go to swingers clubs and are looking for another couple to have fun with. It is also very important that you discuss what type of swingers you and your partner will be if you are thinking about trying out the lifestyle.

There are two main types of swingers:

  • Soft Swap: While there are a number of definitions of the term, in general, it is used to mean that there will be no penetration when engaging with other swingers. This means that when you swap partners it is for oral sex only.
  • Full Swap:  As you would expect, a full swap means that you are all in and ready for anything. Depending on what you and your partner agree to, this means sex with penetration, or it could mean you are interested in getting involved with orgies and group sex.

These are the two main categories of swinging, but there are also many other variations of these.

Other things to think about

Whether you label yourself soft swap or full swap swinger there are also many other things for you and your partner to think about:

  • What boundaries are in place when you are at the swingers club?
  • How are you and your partner going to communicate at the club?
  • Will you get involved in group play? Are threesomes something that you would consider?

These are all things that you need to think about when getting into swinging. Many couples start out as soft swingers to begin with and then expand their horizons as they get more comfortable with the swingers lifestyle. When you progress at a pace that you are comfortable with, it becomes a win-win situation for everyone involved.

If you are interested in trying out swinging consider checking out our Toronto swingers club to see what the lifestyle is all about. Happy Swinging!