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Poster for New Years Eve at The O Zone

New Years Eve at The O Zone!

The end of 2018 is fast approaching! What happened to summer? And fall for that matter? And with all the excitement of the holiday season, have you decided what you’ll be doing for New Years eve yet?

Christmas is for family, no doubt. But New Years Eve is traditionally a time to spend with your loved one, celebrating the coming of a new year with all it’s possibilities. A time to reflect on the past year and checking off the things you managed to do, and moving the untouched To Do list to the new year. I’m not talking about fixing the roof or shopping for that next big ticket item. I’m talking about reconnecting with your sweetheart, rekindling that sexy vibe you used to enjoy, and trying new, sexy, exciting things!

If nothing else, you should reward yourselves for getting thru yet another Christmas with the in-laws, shopping, baking, gift returns and holiday meals made to feed the entire, extended family. It’s time to let loose a little, put on your sexiest little black (or red or gold or…) dress, step onto the dance floor and let your inhibitions slide away for an evening.

A bottle of champagne in an ice bucket

Celebrate New Years with champagne on us!

New Years Eve at The O Zone is designed to celebrate the biggest night of the year, and you don’t have to do a thing except join in the fun! Delicious appetizers and food served all night, 3 bars to quench your thirst, and a dance floor with sound and lights to get you up and movin’ your groove. Expect streamers and a huge balloon drop on the dance floor at midnight as well as champagne for all attendees, and we even have beautiful La Senza masks for the first 100 ladies thru the door. And did I mention, TWO professional body painters?! Wow!! 

And when the frenzy of dance, movement and flirting get the best of you, there are 2 large playrooms with plenty of play space and many beds awaiting you. Be a voyeur and watch others while you play (no standing around the playrooms to just watch… that’s just creepy!) or show off your best moves where others can see. And when it’s all done at 4 am…. Breakfast in Bed for 400 people!!!

So, I ask again…. what are YOU doing for New Years Eve??

Attending The O Zone for the First Time? Some Timely Info!

Image of woman holding glass of wine.

A woman at a club having a conversation.








Just because a couple attend a swingers club or party does not necessarily label them as swingers, or indeed even interested in a non-monogamous exchange. In fact, many couples don’t swap at all, and only go to these events for their own benefits. That might be to:

  • reconnect with their partner
  • practice flirting
  • dress up in sexy outfits that they can’t wear anywhere else (costumes, lingerie)
  • Socialize with other sexy, like minded people
  • Fuel their own sexual energy
  • Increase confidence
  • See how other open minded married couples are expanding their horizons


One couple mentioned they go to The O Zone just so they don’t have to go to public bars or clubs and hang out with drunken young people where they might feel judged.

Communication is key here, not just with your partner but with anyone else who might be interested in you, socially or more. Talk to your partner before arriving and decide just what CAN happen on your first visit, whether that means ‘no touching others’ or ‘flirting is fine’, but clear communication is best.

You may not know what your reaction will be to seeing your partner interacting or flirting with others, so prearrange a signal that only your partner and you know that will let you express concern without alerting others to your issues.

Many couples decide to attend a swing party or club to help re-spark their sex life. It can certainly do this, but without care, it can also damage or end a long term relationship, so take it in baby steps: on your first visit, consider taking the first step only, which might be interacting sexually with your partner only. Watch others, talk about what you see, discuss with your partner the things you would like to try, dance, socialize, ask questions. On your second visit, take the next small step: maybe that’s flirting openly with others. Discuss this with your partner before making contact with others, just to be sure.

Jealousy is common in the swing community, so doing your best to keep that green eyed monster from rearing up goes a long way to protecting your relationship. Your partner should come first and foremost over any other interaction you might be able to engage in. Protect your marriage!

The respect and acceptance level of the guests who attend The O Zone parties makes everyone feel welcome and at ease, and if you have questions or concerns the owners and the Hosts are available to answer them and help you in whatever ways you need.

The club is large enough, with plenty of social areas, seating and a large dance floor so you can find your own perfect niche. Invite another couple to join you for a drink and chat away the evening, or wrap around each other and have a hot make out session. The club is there for you and your desires and only you know what those are. Be honest with yourself and your partner, communicate openly, and see where it might lead you! Good luck and enjoy!


New to the Swing LS? How to get started!

How to Get Started in the Swing Lifestyle


We see so many new profiles being created on swinger dating sites, but too often these accounts sit fallow and do not help the couple who are seeking, so here is a little advice on ‘how to’ connect with other like-minded, LS couples.

1) Meet n Greets

Usually hosted in a regular restaurant or bar, this is a chance for members of LS groups to meet face to face, get to know other members a bit better, chat and have a few drinks. Meet n Greets are not meant (usually) to meet and hookup that evening: they are designed to let guests get to know others. From there, they can be invited to exclusive parties, etc.

2) Swinger Dating Sites

There are plenty and they differ from site to site and from country to country. It is probably best to stick to a site that is based in your general area (why join a site from the UK if you are in Canada? Can’t be many Canadian users there), or has a high concentration of users from your city or geographical area.

Many swing dating sites require users to set up an account before they can browse other members. Often setting up an account is free, at least for a limited time. This is to allow new users to poke around their site, see how it works, if it has users the guest would be interested in, and what capabilities and search engines it has. Usually after the initial, short ‘trial’ subscription, many sites require a paid membership to continue use. Or at the very least, the ‘free’ sites have limited capability, and paying for a membership will increase the usability of the site.

When setting up an account, most people use an alias or a screen name. Using an alias, that is, first names that are not your own, can cause confusion once you start meeting others. It may be a lot less work and confusion to use a screen name on accounts, and don’t disclose your actual names (and very rarely do swingers ever use their legal last names within in the lifestyle) until you meet someone face to face. Screen names often contain reference to a character trait or interest of the couple, to make it easier to remember them. Use some sort of abbreviated word(s) to describe you or your interests: CdnCpl4U (Canadian Couple for you) or RagingHormones, PerfectFit or BluEyes67 are examples of individual screen names. Some even use Initials. Mike and Sara might be MandSTonight.

3) Swinger Night Clubs

This is a great way to search for others to play with. Everyone at a club like The O Zone are into the lifestyle, at least on some level. Of course, not all club goers are full swap couples, some go just to dance and feel sexy, or to get sexy with their partner to satisfy their exhibitionism, or voyeurism as they can view others playing nearby to their own play area. Other guests are somewhere on the spectrum of swinging, whether it’s soft swap, voyeurism, or even just a place to play that isn’t home.

The easiest way to tell what other couples are into, well, is just to ask! Strike up a conversation, see if the chemistry is right, then broach the topic with a question rather than assuming. “Hey! You guys are really sexy! What are you into?” is a good way to find out. Afterall, they are there for (mostly) the same reasons you are.

4) Personal Ads

Less prevalent these days, as you just don’t know who will answer your ad. Many people who shop for play partners this way still meet someone new for the first time at a club or party rather than going to their home or inviting them into your own that first time. This is just good safety protocol. We see several couples inviting new couples to The O Zone to meet up for the first time. You don’t know who’s out there these days!

5) House or Hotel Parties

These parties are often by invite only, so you may have to meet them elsewhere, thru clubs, online swinger sites or ads. But once you have met and meet the criteria of the Hosts and are added to the invite list, you are golden! Be sure the groups intentions match your own.

Of course, some Hotel parties are advertised openly on swinger-specific sites and anyone can attend one of these for the price of admission. There is safety in numbers however, and these are usually quite large so there are many other guests to meet and get to know. Check out http://www.valentinesinniagara.com/ for one of ours, hosted every year by Tabota!

There are likely other options, but these are the big ones. Play safe and get the most out of life!!